NWTFS members with an interest in improving their marksmanship are welcome to join the Pistol Club. Our primary objective is to provide an introduction to NRA Bullseye marksmanship and training at the local level. We hold two annual leagues, Spring and Fall, as well as a number of NRA sanctioned shooting events. We have 4-H and NRA certified instructors available for group and individual coaching.

All shooters in the area, whether a member of NWTF&S or NRA or not, are definitely encouraged to attend and compete in our NRA sanctioned shoots. These are open competition events. In addition to the leagues which start in April and September of each year and run 10 weeks on Tuesday nights, we have supervised range use permitted during the league. Range fee is $2.00 per evening and targets are furnished. Permitted guns are 22 pistols and 32-45 cal. pistols with lead bullets.

P and +P or other jacketed high velocity cartridges are not permitted. All shooters and observers must have hearing and eye protection while on the range. The range and all shooting are fully supervised for your safety. This is a great way to spend a family evening. Youth under 18 must have on their person a handgun and ammunition permission document to comply with the Youth Handgun Act. Unsupervised youth under 12 are not permitted.

The Pistol Club sponsors the following annual activities and event:

  • 4-H District Pistol Competition (April 29th)
    Spring League (2016 Start will be Tuesday April 5th, 10 weeks) Shooting starts at 7 p.m. each night
  • 4-H Day Camp (August)
  • Fall League (2016 Start will be Tuesday, September 20th, 9-10 weeks depending on the night temperature. Shooting starts at 7:00 p.m. each night
  • NRA Regional Conventional Pistol Match (2016 October 1st and 2nd)
  • ECI Leg Match (Part of NRA Regional in October)
  • NRA Distinguished Revolver Match (Part of NRA Regional in October)

For more information and match bulletins: Contact (rogerkroes@sbcglobal.net) or Greg Yost (gmyost@msn.com)