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About Us

Our club began holding NRA High Power Rifle matches in early 1985 with the goal of not only providing a venue for competitors to test themselves but to welcome new shooters into the world of organized rifle shooting. Our matches are held on a 100 yard range. The reduced targets duplicate the sight picture of 200, 300 and 600 yards.

In the early years, few of us had topnotch NRA Match or Service Rifle equipment so there was a wide variety of weapons on the firing line. As more shooters qualified for M1 Garands from the old Director of Civilian Marksmanship program the matches were heavily populated by Garands, M1As and Model 70 bolt actions. Bring your military bolt action rifle, your M1 Carbine or your M1 Garand to a match. We'll be glad to see you.

This is old school “sling shooting”. We do not use rests or bipods. We fire from Standing, Sitting and Prone positions. On paper, the sport is not difficult yet it is hard to master. Because of this, you are trying to shoot each match just a little better than last time.

Times changed. Now the AR15 and .223 bolt rifles dominate the sport these days but we still hold a special place in our hearts for the old wood and steel guns. The beauty of the AR15 is the ergonomics, accuracy and low recoil allow more people to be competitive in this sport. It leveled the playing field. We frequently have several youth and females on the firing line. Ages can range from 13 to 73. Size, age, gender are not issues. The wind and sun treat us all equally.

Hundreds of people have shot their first rifle competition on our range. A lot of very good rifle shooters have been regulars over the years. We are most proud of the youth who began their careers on our “walk and paste” range and have done well at state, regional and national events. Some of our young people are third generation rifle competitors.

We take pride in providing friendly competition and serious shooting opportunities. Our premier event for over 25 years is the Don James Memorial held on the first Saturday in July to honor our military, our nation and our freedoms. We have a special award for folks with military experience who shoot Service Rifles. All participants are invited to a free BBQ meal after which we present awards.

Our High Power Rifle Club members donate a huge number of hours for training youth and adults in several rifle disciplines. The Club supplies coaches for the 4H Rifle Classes and operates the rifle events during the annual 4H District 3 Rifle and Pistol Tournament that draws 100 competitors from 10 to 12 counties every year.

We have a large inventory of .22 rifles in a variety of sizes so youth from 9 through 18 can shoot a rifle that actually fits them. These all have target sights and shoot very well. We supply all necessary gear for our youth programs. In most classes we teach the Three Position ( 3P ) discipline. Once a young person gets comfortable shooting from position their skills will translate well to any other uses of rifles.

If you are curious about organized rifle shooting or you feel a need for a challenge, you are welcome to show up at a match or contact us. We can answer many questions about rifles, technical info, ammunition, various competitions as well as matches held at full distances ( 200, 300, 600 yards).

Contact Us

If you have questions that are specific to the rifle club, then please use the form below to get in touch directly with the rifle club.