Membership to Northwest Texas Field and Streams costs $50 per year and covers the member, his/her spouse, and his/her children under the age of 18. Memberships are good through March 31st each year.

One of the primary benefits of membership to Northwest Texas Field & Stream Association is access to our shooting ranges on Old Friberg Road, as well participation in our various shooting clubs. Your directors are also working on detailing other membership benefits, which we will detail here shortly!


Due to COVID-19, and the City of Wichita Falls shelter in place order, there will be a grace period for renewals that lasts until July 1, 2020. This means that if you renew your membership before July 1, 2020, you will not have to pay the standard $20 late fee to reactivate your gate card.

As of March 26, 2020, we now accept membership renewals, for current members, via the website! 🎉

For more information, and to renew, please click the button below.

New Memberships

New memberships must be completed in person at the NWTFS office. To get a new membership, please visit the office during normal business hours.

For hours and the location of the office, please see the contact page.