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Note: Please only purchase this if you need a new membership.

Thank you for considering a membership to Northwest Texas Field and Stream Association (NWTFS). Before continuing, please take a moment to read the NWTFS By-Laws and Gun Range Safety Rules.

Afterwards, please fill out the following information so that we may process your membership, being sure to read through all options. Once you fill out the form, please allow 7-10 days to receive your new membership packet.

Names and Dates of Birth

Please includes the names and dates of birth of any members that will be on your family membership, in addition to yourself. This can include your spouse and any children 17 years of age or younger.

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If you were referred by a member, please add that member’s name here.

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Personal Attestation * 

I attest to being a person of good character and being able to legally own, possess and use firearms. I therefore qualify and willingly accept membership into the Northwest Texas Field and Stream Association. I acknowledge having received a copy of the Association’s Rules, By-Laws, and Gun Range Rules, and having read and understand them. I and all of the members affiliated with my membership agree to fully comply as noted by my purchase of membership. Failure to comply with the Association’s By-Laws and/or the Gun Range Safety Rules may result in the forfeiture of this membership.

Do you need a range access card?

For enjoyment of the shooting and archery ranges, a maximum of one range access card is available per family membership. There is a one-time free of $25 for the card. See below for more information.

If you’d like a range access card, then please watch the video below and then click the checkbox below the video.

Note: You will not be able to select this checkbox until you watch the safety video above.


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